Curiosities of Biological Nomenclature
Mark Isaak
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Misc.: Things Named after Biologists

We can expect biologists' names to become attached to things they discover or invent, whether part of the anatomy (e.g. Malpighian layer), diseases (e.g. Tourette's syndrome), equipment (Petri dishes), procedures (pasteurization), etc.. Some names are given simply to honor the scientist (e.g. Darwin, Australia). Here are some less expected honorifics.

1991 Darwin - asteroid.
6542 Jacquescousteau - asteroid named after marine biologist Jacques Cousteau.
8373 Stephengould - asteroid named after Stephen J. Gould.
10739 Lowman - asteroid named after canopy botanist Margaret D. Lowman.
84928 Oliversacks - asteroid named after neurologist/author Oliver Sacks.
James Bond When Ian Fleming was in the Caribbean writing Dr. No, he picked the name for his hero off the bookshelf, from The Birds of the West Indies by James Bond.

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